In between training in ballet and watching lots of Disney movies, Alyssa grew up writing stories starring her Beanie Babies. She earned a BA in English from Creighton University and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago. Currently she works as an assistant librarian in youth services at an awesome public library. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and their two cats.

5 More Things About Me

1. I started training in ballet when I was four years old and I minored in dance in college. I also trained in jazz, modern, tap, and character. Most recently I took ballroom dancing classes with my husband, which I also loved! Dance shows up frequently in my writing, and there are a few scenes with dancing in THE WAKING FOREST.  

2. I have two cats--one is a black cat named Fightmaster (a total misnomer. He's super sweet and gentle), and a blue point Siamese named Lady Slippers (NOT a misnomer! She's basically royalty and because of her coloring she looks like she's wearing dainty gray slippers at all times). They are both my familiars. 

3. I'm a Scorpio, born five days before Halloween, my favorite holiday. 

4. I'm absolutely obsessed with all things Disney! My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, with Tangled as a very close second. Moana is also amazing, as is The Princess and the Frog, and Hercules, and--you know what? Just all of them. I love them all. 

5. I also love musicals! I can often be found singing show tunes loudly and completely off-key. 

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